What is the CMB/R Program?
The Certified Master Builder/Remodeler is a way to set yourself apart from your peers before the home buying public. It is designed to enhance professionalism, credibility, service and integrity in the building/remodeling industry.

The program is a resource for consumers and will assist them in identifying qualified builders and remodelers who have a proven track record of financial stability and integrity.

The CMB/R program will be heavily promoted to consumers with a multi-media marketing campaign to include radio, newspaper, and website. It is an opportunity to promote yourself and your company as the very best in the industry.

Upon acceptance as a CMB/R member, your company is given the right to use the trademarked logo and affiliated materials. Your company will receive an annual certificate for your office and/or showroom, and receive special placement on the HBAM website. Marketing brochures and point of sale displays will also be available to the CMB/R members.
What are the Requirements?
Builders and Remodelers who are in good standing of the Home Builders Association of Maryland may apply.

The company must be in operation for a minimum of three years or have completed a minimum of 6 homes or remodeling jobs and/or a minimum of $3 million of residential construction

The applicant must be registered with the state of Maryland

Builders and Remodelers must complete an Application and Membership Agreement to include a personal profile, company information and financials.

The applicant must comply with all rules and regulations of the Application and Membership Agreement.

The applicant must submit payment for required fees. The annual fee structure ranges from $250 to 2000 depending on the size of the builder/remodeler. There is a one time non-refundable application and credit report fee that must be submitted with the application.
To become a Certified Master Builder or Remodeler, you must complete an Application and Membership Agreement, provide all required documentation, meet all criteria of the program, and submit payment for all required fees.

To obtain a copy of the Application of Membership Agreement, you may contact Vickie Martin at 410-265-7400, ext. 105.
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