These guidelines were created to offer a third party view of quality issues in residential construction . They help define the point at which a warranty item requires corrective action.

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    Builders and Remodelers

    Builders and Remodelers, Learn more about the Certified Master Builder/Remodeler program at HBAM. Earn this prestigious certification and set yourself apart from your competitors.

    Why Choose a Certified Master Builder or Remodeler?

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    Builders and Remodelers must meet rigorous criteria to obtain the Certified Master Builder or Remodeler certification established to offer you, the consumer, the highest level of assurance possible within the industry.

    The program was developed as a means for builders and remodelers to establish their company as one that meets the highest standards in the industry. To obtain this certification, builders and remodelers must meet stringent review criteria in areas including among others; established time in the industry, consumer satisfaction, financial perfomance, adherence to accepted building technology standards, customer service and governmental compliance. Once certified, participating companies must comply with ongoing renewal criteria which mirrors the original acceptance standards and produces evidence of participation in approved industry continuing education programs.

    The Certified Master Builder and Remodeler program requires that Certified Master Builder and Remodelers adopt and abide to the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. The program also requires the Certified Master Builder and/or Remodeler to provide a binding arbitration process to resolve complaints that are not resolved directly between themselves and the homeowner.

    As a consumer, making what is likely your biggest investment decision as well as a highly important family decision, you want your builder or remodeler to be among the best. A Certified Master Builder and Remodeler is that choice.