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Government Affairs

HBAM offers effective legislative lobbying at the local, state and national level, representing housing interests and advocating strong positions on issues that impact you. On your behalf, HBAM fights restrictive legislation and regulations that are detrimental to the housing industry. Local and NAHB staffs are only a phone call away with information about new regulations, laws or industry concerns.

The Association’s legislative arm in Annapolis, the Maryland State Builders Association, employs full-time staff to monitor the activities of various state legislative committees and to meet with members of the Maryland General Assembly.

On the local level, HBAM operates a nationally recognized, award winning governmental affairs program. Chapter leadership meets regularly with local elected officials as well as advocates for the housing industry.

HBAM has one of the most unique and successful political action programs in the nation, realizing that the election of a candidate is truly the beginning of effective legislative involvement. As a member, you can participate in state and local PAC's designed to promote the candidacy of elected officials who support a viable housing industry.

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